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The AAI Certified Aircraft Appraisal begins with a thorough inspection of the exterior and interior of the aircraft. Specifically, the condition of the airframe, paint, and engine(s) for any signs  of damage.  The avionics and flight instruments are documented to insure they are properly accounted for in assessing the value of the aircraft. Cabin and cockpit conditions are inspected and also documented. Airframe and engine(s) logbooks and maintenance records are carefully examined to determine whether the aircraft maintenance is in compliance with the FAA regulations and the FAA approved manufacturer’s maintenance manuals. The FAA Airworthiness Directive(s) (ADs) and Service Bulletin (SB) status is reviewed along with records of major inspections and repairs. Special attention is given to any missing required inspections and records of previous damage that may have a significant impact on the aircraft's value.  After the aircraft inspection and maintenance records examination is complete, the process of establishing the aircraft market value is established by utilizing current multiple aviation data sources. The appraisal aircraft is then compared to other similar aircraft recently sold or marketed on the worldwide market. The appraisal report is delivered to the client typically within 5 to 10 business days after completion of the on-site aircraft inspection.

We provide various types of aircraft appraisals and valuations to meet your specific requirements; an AAI certified appraisal, a certified NAAA - National Aircraft Appraisal Association compliant appraisal, non-certified valuation and a market value analysis.


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AAI is a member in good standing with NAAA (National Aircraft Appraisers Association), NBAA (National Business Aviation Association), AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association) and EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association)